Professional Translation Services

Our translators know the intricate details of the audience that will receive their message, taking into account their regional influences, tone, connotation, and industry-specific jargon to provide a technical, precise, and accurate representation of the original document in any given foreign language. Call us today for a free quote.

On-Demand Over the Phone (OPI) and Video Remote (VRI) Interpretation Services

GlobeTRx helps hundreds of organizations across the nation improve their business communications through their convenient and affordable Over the Phone (OPI) and Video Remote (VRI) interpretation services. When your business has a need for interpretation, we pair you with a professional interpreter who is well-versed in your industry’s specific terminology and fluent in your needed languages. We provide organizations with an easy way of communicating in different languages.

Accurate and Fast Transcription Services

Transcription processes are complex and require detailed care. Our experienced team of transcriptionists has extensive experience with various subject matters, including healthcare and legal, and is ready to provide you with an accurate transcription of your audio and video files on schedule.